The Results Are In! Here's What Adult Educators Are Using

You spoke....and now we most definitely have our work cut out for us! The SkillBlox Learning Plan Generator survey that went out June 25 - July 13 yielded incredibly detailed and thoughtful responses from educators across 26 states and the District of Columbia. And, with the results in and the feedback tallied, CrowdED Learning now has clear marching orders for what is needed within our Beta release of SkillBlox. To all who participated....thank you!

Sifting through the survey results was a breeze...

We are now in the process of working with publishers who are planning on participating in this first round to submit their content alignments. In addition, we are reaching out to a handful of comprehensive sources of free materials to see their interest in having their resources included within the Beta SkillBlox library. In a few weeks, we will begin offering volunteer opportunities to educators and subject matter experts to help us with the alignment work of some of these freely available resources that also will be included in Beta. To let us know you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this form

This alignment work is the first step in our being able to take the great resources that are out there—from various sources and in various formats—and begin curating them and aligning them to standards and frameworks that are meaningful to adult learners and instructors. By focusing on skill-based alignment of resources, we hope to increase use and integration of free and open resources and support the continued use of quality existing resources within adult education classrooms. 
By starting with quality sources of content that are scattered across multiple providers and formats, CrowdED Learning is committed to curating, organizing, and aligning free and publisher resources to core skills and competencies to make them more easy to integrate within the adult education classroom. 

In the are the hot hits!

One of the best parts of the survey feedback was the opportunity to learn about all of the wonderful free and open resources instructors are using. Given CrowdED Learning's mission is to advocate for and promote the use of these materials, I thought it would be helpful to let folks know some of the top resources that were mentioned. 

All of the resources listed below were mentioned at least twice in order to make the list. Many have been discussed in previous blogs and are included within our skill directories; there are, however, a handful of new resources we weren't even aware of that we cannot wait to explore further! If you want a Google doc that includes all of these resources, click here to open up a shared doc that you are free to copy, add to, and share with others. 

Source URL Subjects
ReadWorks Reading
EdReady College Readiness, Reading & Math
Math Antics Math
Newsela Reading, Current events
HippoCampus All subjects, OER library
Khan Academy Math, multiple subjects
USA Learns ESL
cK12 Math and Science
GCF Learn Free Multiple subjects
Kuta Software Math
ReadTheory Reading
Purple Math Math
YouTube Multiple subjects
Common Core Sheets Reading and Math, Grammar
Learnzillion Math, multiple subjects
Marshall Adult Education Link Reading
PhET Math and Science
TV411 Multiple subjects Typing

While not ALL of these will appear in the Beta version of SkillBlox, we are definitely exploring our options to determine which ones are the best fit for our initial launch. 

See a resource you love that is missing from this list? Please let us know about it! In the meantime, happy exploring! 

Want to join the crowd and be part of the solution? 

Please check out www.crowdedlearning.orgThere, you can learn more about our goings on and sign up to volunteer your expertise, stay in touch, or make content recommendations. 


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